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Cavaglioni Farm

The farm stretches from the edge of San Rocco a Pilli to the Val di Merse. The surrounding landscape is perhaps one of the most charming and relaxing around Siena: small forests and cypress trees alternate with cultivated fields and waterways. The manor house is surrounded by ancient walls that enclose the villa garden and vegetable gardens. Despite being immersed in the countryside, the town is 50 mt away and Siena is 9 km away (ten minutes by car)..
In one of the most significant historical parts of Tuscany, Cavaglioni offers an immersion in the charm of ancient civilizations. The surroundings of medieval Siena offer a great variety of landscapes, from the sea to the mountains, from centuries-old forests to ancient cities.

Auscello is a fresh wine with delicate aromas and a strong flavor character
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Luchetto is a sweet wine made from Sangiovese and Sangiovese cooked must.
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