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Bachiarro – Natural Tuscan Red


Bachiarro is a natural wine derived from the union of Sangiovese, cabernet sauvignon and canaiolo

Bachiarro is derived from the union of the same Sangiovese vinification intended for Purneia, to which is subsequently added a variable amount, depending on the season, of Cabernet and Canaiolo, also vinified in purity. Blending is typically done after aging in wood, but there have been exceptions in some vintages where particularly low grape production has prompted blending the wines as early as the post-fermentation maceration phase (November-December). Bachiarro is an intense wine, to which Cabernet brings all the strength of this grape variety in its best Tuscan acceptations.

The name Bachiarro (IGT Rosso di Toscana) comes from the name of the house above the vat cellar where the wine is made, in front of the winery.


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