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Luchetto – Sweet wine from cooked must


Luchetto is a sweet wine made from Sangiovese and Sangiovese cooked must.

Luchetto is a sweet wine for meditation or at the end of a meal, made from the union of Sangiovese must cooked slowly and reduced to a quarter of its initial volume, then combined with naturally fermented Sangiovese wine made from the same grapes, vinified on the estate with reduced use of sulfites. It is then aged in old and new vinsanto casks. Unfiltered, unclarified. Any residue is an indication of the naturalness of the wine. Serve at a temperature of 10°C. Allow to oxygenate. Let the wine rest for a few days after a transport.

Weight 1,5 kg


Volume nominale bottiglia ml


Alcol %

11, 12


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