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Palazzo di Piero

Located in one of the most picturesque parts of Tuscany and surrounded by olmeti, pine forests, vineyards and olive groves, Palazzo di Piero has that particular charm of the ancient Etruscan sites. At the end of a long tree-lined avenue is the neo-Gothic castle, built in the nineteenth century on the original medieval residence, with its elegant loggia and its bell tower (reproduction of the tower of the town hall of Siena, the Torre del Mangia), frescoed chapel dating back to the sixteenth century and so the inner courtyard.

The Castle complex, together with the business center, is located in the municipality of Sarteano (6 Km), very close to Chianciano Terme (6 Km), but the urban center of reference remains Chiusi (9 Km), a town rich in archaeological sites, at the center of the ancient Etruscan dominions, it was a point of commercial exchange even before the foundation of Rome.

Palazzo di Piero is also an important site for the many finds of Etruscan artifacts which, donated by our family, have enriched the Archaeological Museum of Chiusi and have, thanks to their inscriptions, brought new terms to the Etruscan vocabulary.

Acciaino è un vino frizzante di Toscana IGT, spumantizzato con metodo tradizionale in bottiglia ma non sboccato, su un vino
Anicisa is a sparkling wine obtained with the ancestral method, ie without the use of refined sugars and selected yeasts.
Bachiarro derives from the union of the same vinification of Sangiovese destined to Purneia, to which is subsequently added a
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Purneia, produced from the 2011 vintage, is made with only Sangiovese grapes and is strongly characterized by the fermentation method
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