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Anicisa – Ancestrale Method of Sangiovese

Anicisa is a sparkling wine obtained with the ancestral method, ie without the use of refined sugars and selected yeasts. The base wine is a natural wine obtained by soft pressing of the Sangiovese grapes

The ancestral method consists in exploiting the sugars of the must and the yeasts present in it for the refermentation in bottle of the wine. The ancestral method has been used in Tuscany since Roman times, and it is usual in peasant families to obtain wavy wines, often with the addition of one or more grains of barley in the bottle, bringing additional yeast.

With this system, using musts and wines with a very low level of sulfur dioxide, we are able to obtain what is our ideal: a very dry and dry bubble with a gus profile  to-olfactory rich and round, with a fine and persistent effervescence.

The name Anicisa (Spumante rosato) derives from the same urn from which the name Purneia comes: “PVRNEI ANICISA”, translated from some sources in Latin in “Purneia Anicii uxor” or “Purneia wife of Anicio”. Thus closes an ideal circle between Purneia with its strength and Anicisa, with its enveloping pleasantness.

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