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Purneia – long maceration Sangiovese

Purneia, produced from the 2011 vintage, is made with only Sangiovese grapes and is strongly characterized by the fermentation method through the multiplication of indigenous yeasts. Another fundamental factor in the identity of Purneia is the long post-fermentation maceration on the skins, throughout the autumn and, in winter, its rest on the wine-scented lees, which are once or twice mixed up and put back into suspension.

Before the following summer, Purneia is passed into small wooden barrels “discharged” (also called neutral), that is, they have already sold the bulk of the aromas and the wood substances and deriving from the roasting, purchased second-hand from producers of the neighborhood, just svinato. In these containers the wine passes a variable period between the six months and the year (aging), then it is bottled for aging.

The long maceration allows this wine to protect itself in an extraordinary way from oxidation and other bacterial attacks, even in a virtually total absence of sulfur.

The taste-olfactory profile of Purneia is rich in essences, due to a wide range of red berry fruits, with rich spicy and balsamic notes.

The name Purneia (IGT Rosso di Toscana) derives from an etruscan inscription on an artifact found in Palazzo di Piero “PVURNEI ANICISA”, usually translated in “Purneia Wife of Anicio”.